The Government of Brunei Darussalam has committed to ASEAN to develop and implement it's National Single Window for the establishment of the ASEAN Single ​Window;

Agreement for the implementation of ASW signed by ASEAN Economic Ministers

Protocol for the implementation of ASW signed by ASEAN Finance Ministers

The Royal Customs and Excise Department has commissioned the delivery of e-Customs as the foundation platform of Brunei Darussalam National Single Window to transform the current business functions to an integrated electronic process. The Brunei Darussalam National Single Window (BDNSW) involved various government agencies in controlling import and export.

BDNSW Vision

  • Common online platform ( ELECTRONIC SINGLE WINDOW) for electronic exchange and submission of trade information and documents by business and public to the controlling agencies.
  • Multiple trade declarations are consolidated into single declaration and submitted electronically to multiple agencies for approval and decision-making automatically.
  • An enabler to facilitate legitimate trade and reduce cost of doing business

BDNSW Objective

  • To expedite cargo release and clearance by means of simplification of trade related to processes and procedures among controlling agencies by 2013.

Definition for National Single Window

The National Single Window is a system which enables :
  • A Single submission of data and information;
  • A Single and synchronous processing of data and information;
  • A Single decision-making for customs release and clearance.
  • A single decision-making shall be uniformly interpreted as a single point of decision for the release of cargoes by the Customs on the basis of decisions, if required, taken by line ministries and agencies and communicated in a timely manner to the Customs.