‚ÄčOther Government Agencies (OGAs)

1.MoF - Royal Customs & Excise Department Click here
2.MoFAT - Trade International Department (COO) Click here
3.MoRA - Halal Food Control Division, Jabatan Hal Ehwal Syariah Click here
4.MoRA - Pusat Dakwah Islamiah Click here
5.MoH - Food Quality & Safety Control Section, Department of Health Services Click here
6.MoH - Pharmaceutical Service Section, Department of Medical Services Click here
7.MoH - Department of Services Click here
8.MoH - Tobacco Control Unit Click here
9.MIPR - Department of Agriculture and Agrifood Click here
10.MIPR - Department of Forestry Click here
11.MIPR - Department of Fisheries Click here
12.MIPR - Brunei Industrial Development Authority (BINA) Click here
13.MIPR - Brunei Licensing System Click here
14.MoF - Registration of Companies (ROC) Click here
15.MoF - Department of Supply & Store Click here
16.MoD - Environmental Department Click here
17.MoC - Authority Info-communication Technology Industry (AiTI) Click here
18.MoC - Land Transport Department (JPD) Click here
19.MoC - Ports Department Click here
20.PMO - Royal Brunei Police Force Click here
21.PMO - Adat Istiadat Department Click here
22.PMO - Internal Security Department (KDN) Click here
23.MCYS - Brunei Museums Department Click here