Customs Order, 2006 (S39/06) – Customs Import Duties (Amendment) Order, 2012
  • Commenced on 1st April 2012
  • The Second Schedule to the Customs Import Duties Order, 2007 is amended, in Part B under the heading of General Exemption, by adding the following item :-
    i) Any person importing goods using air courier service and Express Mail Service;
    ii) All goods except cigarettes, tobacco and intoxicating liquor;
    iii) The total value of the goods imported (cost, insurance and fright) does not exceed BND$400 for each consignment;
    iv) The goods are imported through Brunei International Airport, Air Cargo Berakas and Mail Processing Centre, Berakas.
Customs Order, 2006 Section 99
  • Commenced on 1st July 2011
  • Implementation of Red Channel and Green Channel at Brunei International Airport Berakas
Customs Order, 2006 (S 39/06) – Customs Import Duties (Amendment) Order, 2010 and Excise Order, 2006 (S 40/06) – Excise Duties (Amendment) Order, 2010
  • Commenced on 01st November 2010
  • Item No.9 of Part B of Second Schedule to the principle Order is amended by deleting paragraph (6)(a)(iv) which mean there is no more passenger concession on cigarette or tobacco products given to the passenger arrival in Brunei Darussalam.
  • First Schedule of Excise Order 2007 is amended by deleting Chapter 24 and replace by the new Chapter 24 [Tobacco and Manufactured Tobacco Substitutes].