Import and export procedures of goods under ATIGA Scheme.

Document Procedure
    Type of declaration
  • For import - Customs Import Declaration.
  • For export - Customs Export Declaration.
Processing and approval 
Traders are required to submit their application to the Customs at the point of importation or exportation.
Requirement for issuing ATIGA form
  • Manufactures must first apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MoFAT).
  • Application must be complied with rules of origin of the ATIGA Scheme.
  • With the approved ATIGA Form D, the manufacturers or exporters may apply for the Customs Export Declarations.
Customs Export Declarations 
The ATIGA Form D comprises of 4 copies. The original and triplicate are given to the importer for submission to the Customs authority at the importing country. The duplicate copy is retained by MoFAT and the quadruplicate is retained by the manufacturer or exporter.

Import Procedure 
The importer shall produce the cargoes together with Customs Import Declaration, ATIGA Form D, invoice, packing list, bill of landing/airway bill and other relevent supporting document to the Customs at the entry point for verification and examination.