Import & Export Procedures

All goods may be imported or exported except for restricted, prohibited and controlled goods under Section 31 of the Customs order, 2006. 

Customs Declaration
Every imported & exported goods should be declared to the RCED by a declaration form except for the following goods:
  • Passenger hand baggage's or personal effect on arrival.
  • Goods arriving by post except for dutiable goods.
Declaration should give full and true account of the number of packages, cases description of goods, value, weight, measure or quantity and country of origin of the goods. 

Customs Declaration Form must be submitted in triplicate and attached together with the following supporting documents :
  • Invoice or purchase bill.
  • Freight and Insurance Payment Slips.
  • Delivery Order or Air Waybill.
  • Packing List.

Other than the above documents, importer should also provide other documents related to the imported goods required by Customs coinciding with the declaration of goods such as:
  • Certificate of Origin.
  • Certificate of Analysis.
  • A.P (Approval Permit) of the RCED.
  • Import license issued by the relevant Government Department/Agencies.
  • Verification Certificate of a recognized foreign agency.
  • Other relevant documents.
  • Personal qualified to declare.
The owners:
  • The owners or importers or exporters are qualified to declare the imported/exported goods to RCED.
  • The owner may authorize the agents or forwarders as their representatives in declaration.
Conditions of qualification of importer and exporter:
  • Trader or Agent ID registrations;
  • Every company or agents/forwarder must be registered with the RCED.
  • Individual registration is not compulsory however customers (traders) are advised to make use of the services of Customs agents (forwarders).
Registration of Company:
  • Application form available at the Customer Services Unit of RCED Headquaters, Jalan Menteri Besar.
  • The application will be entered into the computer system of RCED, i.e Computer Control and Information System (CCIS).
Documents for Registration:
  • A copy of the company's registration certificate.
  • A copy of smart identity card.​