Passengers Concession

Personal Effect 
Section 9, Chapter B Customs Import Duty Order 2007, passengers aged 17 and above who enter this country is allowed to bring personal items of their own with no more than a concession given: 

  • Items that have been personally used (not new)
  • Perfume – 60 milliliters
  • Aromatic water – 250 ml

    Since 1st November 2010, according to Customs Import Duties (Amendment) Order 2010 and Excise Duties (Amendment) Order 2010, cigarette/tobacco were deleted to be included in Passenger's Concession (Personal Effect). Every cigarette / tobacco enter this country must be declared and duty must be paid at B$0.50 per stick.

    For passengers who are not Muslims aged 17 and above who enter this country are allowed to bring in not more than a concession given as follows : 

  • 2 bottles of alcoholic beverages (liquor) of about 2 liters (1 liter per bottle)
  • 12 cans of beer (one can x 330ml)

    Owners are required to declare imported drinks (liquor) to Customs officers on duty at point where drinks are imported. Special form of liquor is available at every Customs Post Control or Customs Offices and passenger ships. 

    Terms and Conditions for Importing Liquor

  1. The importer is above 17 years of age and non-Muslim.
  2. The importer enters Brunei Darussalam legally.
  3. The importer may only import alcoholic liquor not less than 48 hours since the last importation.
  4. The alcoholic liquor shall be for the importer's personal use and not to be given, transferred or sold to others.
  5. The alcoholic liquor shall be stored and consumed at the place of residence of the importer.
  6. Form must be produced on demand by any officer of Customs.
  7. The total amount of alcoholic liquor to be declared and of alcoholic liquor already in possession of the importer does not exceed 2 bottles of liquor (maximum total volume 2 liters) and 12 cans of beer @ 1 x 330ml.

    It is an offence under Section 138 of the Customs Order 2006 to:-

  • Make orally or written, or signed any document that is untrue or incorrect in any matter; or
  • Forges or counterfeits any such documents; or
  • Intentionally alter any documents or counterfeit seal, the signature or short signatures of the Customs officer.